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Some of Our Clients
  • Michigan Nutrition Network at Michigan State University Extension
  • St. Clair Farmers Market, St. Clair, MI
  • City of Southfield Cornerstone Development Authority, Southfield, MI
  • Rowe's Garden, Lebanon, OR
  • The Food Co-op, Port Townsend, WA
  • St. Peter Food Co-op, St. Peter, MN
  • Try-Foods International, Inc., Apopka, FL
  • Farmstead of Charlotte Hall, Charlotte Hall, MD
  • Cook Area Farmers Market, Cook, MN
  • The C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems, Michigan State University
  • Michigan Farmers Market Association
  • John Muir Health, Walnut Creek, CA
  • Fresh Encounter, Inc., Findlay OH
  • Ukiah Natural Foods Co-op, Ukiah, CA
  • Natural Foods Market, Johnson City, TN
  • Maple Creek Organic Farm, Yale MI
  • Kootenay Co-op, Nelson, British Columbia

Testimonials From Our Clients

Our Customers
Our customers are those who produce and/or sell local, organic, farm-friendly healthy food:
• Food retailers
• Cooperative Grocers
• Farmers Markets
• CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)
• Agricultural Destinations (Wineries, Farms, Orchards)
• Restaurants
• Schools
• Hospitals



Renee McClain, Lathrup Village Community Foundation, City of Lathrup Village, Michigan

  • Please extend my thanks to your graphic designer. Again, you guys do phenomenal work; you are a pleasure to work with; you always go the extra mile; and you always exceed our expectations. Job well done.


Trish Southway, Farmer's Daughter, Otisville, New York

  • Thank you!! These [reusable price cards] are the best by the way! I have accumulated a rather large stack of them over the years and every year I like to see what new ones come out. It's almost as exciting as the fruit and veggies I sell!  


- Melissa Roach, Cook Area Farmers Market, Cook, MN

  • I loved our banner, my farmers market people just think it is "sooo pretty!"  Wonderful job!   Thank you.



- Paul McConaughy, Program Leader, Michigan Nutrition Network at Michigan State University Extension

  • Joan and crew...you do such GREAT work! Thanks. Paul


- Candy Paeth, St. Clair Farmers Market, St. Clair, MI

  • WOW-WOW-WOW they [the banners] are bigger and better than I could have hoped for. Everyone in town will see them tomorrow. They will knock their socks off. Thanks again, you guys are great to work with.


- Mary Daley, City of Southfield Cornerstone Development Authority, Southfield, MI

  •   It was a great pleasure working with the team from Eat Local Food.  I was truly impressed with their creative products and their customer service.  People love the postcards I have been handing out. The best part about their products is that they are made in the USA.  It has really boosted interest in my market.  I will definitely be ordering more products from Eat Local Food to help advertise the Southfield Farmer’s Market.


- Barbara Rowe, Rowe's Garden, Lebanon, OR

  • Ordering from Eat Local Food was a simple but wonderful experience. After my initial contact, they emailed me two different samples expressly made for my business. I chose the copy I liked the best and it was at my farm in a week!!! I was utterly amazed at the beauty of the banner. It exceeded all my expectations! Thanks so much for adding beauty to my market stand!


- J. Briar Kolp, General Manager, The Food Co-op, Port Townsend, WA

  • When we hung the Eat Local Food fine art banners in the store, staff and customers commented on the life like images, the vibrant colors and the commitment to our local farmers and producers.


- Joe Strong, St. Peter Food Co-op customer, St. Peter, MN

  • I love my new St. Peter Food Co-op shopping bag! The sturdy handles let me cram as much as I can into it without the worry of it breaking. I've tortured my bag and it looks as good as it did when I got it!


- Kathy Gdula, TFI Marketing Promotion Manager, Try-Foods International, Inc., Apopka, FL

  • We at TFI were very pleased with our tote bag purchase from Eat Local Food. The latest buzz is to eat fresh and their artist Chris illustrates magically. There were so many of her masterpieces to choose from. We heard back from many of our clients who were pleased to receive a useful gift.


- Lori Brown, Farmstead of Charlotte Hall, Charlotte Hall, MD

  • The tote bags are a great success!! We had the tote bags filled with vegetables for our CSA members to pick up at the local farmer's market and other market customers came by, loved the bags and wanted to buy them. Many market customers, once they saw the bags filled with vegetables, asked about signing up for our CSA--the tote bags turned out to be great promotion for our CSA. Members really like the totes because they hold a lot of vegetables and are easy to carry home. The beet design is a real eye catcher and gets rave reviews--a wonderful way to promote buy local.
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