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FSEP Fall Newsletter

Rachel Luria wrote an article about us in the Food System Economic Partnership Newsletter
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Edible Wow

A nice article by Kim Bayer in the Notable Edibles section of the Spring, 2008 edition
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Aftertaste, Winter, 2008 edition
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The Farmers Market

"The Other Farmer's Marketing" March 2008
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As environmentally conscious consumers answer the familiar paper or plastic question with neither, Eat Local Food® USA made tote bags get a mention in RetailingToday.com
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Direct Retailing Today

Eat Local Food® encourages local food marketing that “roots for the home team” and gets noticed by Direct Retailing Today.
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MetroTimes Detroit

A centuries old tradition gets a fresh look as Eat Local Food® develops a marketing campaign for Detroit specialty store R. Hirt Jr. Company.
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Articles Written by Joan Rozelle of Eat Local Food®


Become a “Local Foodie” in your Community

The summer season offers endless local food choices. Here are some tips for getting started on your own local food plan.
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Step up to the Plate: Find Alternatives to Plastic Shopping Bags

Shoppers can take action to save the environment by finding alternatives to plastic shopping bags. Here are some tips for reducing disposable shopping bag use in your community.
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Reusable Tote Bags will Advertise your Business

Is your company inadvertently contributing to the litter problem in the United States? Eliminate your dilemma over paper v. plastic and do the right thing for the environment. A reusable tote bag is a powerful advertising tool and an effective way to reduce the use of disposable bags while increasing customer loyalty.
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Event Planning: Marketing Local Food

With summer turning to fall, there are many opportunities for event planning such as harvest dinners, farmers markets and late summer festivals. Seasonal events such as these offer many ideas for local food marketing. Sponsoring a local food event in your community can not only show your commitment to local growers and food producers, it can be a profitable way to bring together the public and provide needed publicity for your business, charity or municipality.
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Should Food Retailers Promote Community Supported Agriculture?

Are food retailers and farmers who sell directly to the public in competition? With a bit of cooperative support and some creative marketing, food retailers and CSA Farms can foster economic abundance in your local community.
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Sustainable Farming: Good Business Model is the Key to Success

The farming profession is replete with risks. Poor weather, inadequate crop rotation, infestations and equipment failures can result in meager crop production. Production risks like these provide enough worry for the farmer. Once the crops are ready to harvest, selling must be timely and certain. Selling risks can be mitigated with a properly planned and well implemented business model.
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