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New!  MSU Hoop House Web Site Great Resource 

If you are a farmer, farming non-profit, researcher, or garden hobbyist interested in season extension or year-round farming using hoop houses (aka high tunnels, passive solar greenhouses, unheated greenhouses) you'll find some great information at Michigan State University's new hoop house website.


Eat Local Food was proud to work on this project with Adam Montri of Michigan State University.  The web site was designed by Bob Rozelle of Eat Local Food.

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January 2011

Dear Customer,

Have your started your marketing plans for 2011 yet?  It's not too late and it's never too early!  Over the next several months we will be offering you some tips for marketing local food in 2011.  We start with "Accepting Technology" - something that can no longer be ignored.


To help with your marketing plans for 2011, we are offering a special discount for 11% off any order from now until March 31, 2011.  Please see the coupon below for details.  Our banners, tote bags, reusable price cards and posters are all proven marketing tools to show off your locally grown fresh produce! 


As always, thank you for your business - we hope 2011 brings you new market opportunities and much success.   


Best Regards,


Joan Tobin Rozelle


Eye-Catching Authentic Food & Farm Photography

CAW_photo_bushel_beansShowcase your food! 


Need a beautiful photo to show of your fresh, locally grown produce?  Our Eat Local Food stock photography will add a professional quality to your marketing materials.  Choose from a wide variety of food and farm photos for use in your brochure, signage, conference booklet or menu.   


Click here to browse our photo collection.  Categories include orchards, vineyards,, bread, cheese, food prep, farmers markets and more.  All photos were taken by our artist Chris Witkowski. 


Interested in a customized brochure or conference booklet?  We will provide you wth a custom design and you can select your photos from our stock photography site.  It's easy and we'll work with you to create a design that best represents your business.  Call us at 734.341.7028 for a free consult and custom quote!


Marketing Local Food in 2011:  Easy as ABC


A:  Accept technology.  Computers are no longer just for recordkeeping and cell phones for phone calls.  Internet based marketing is here to stay and you need it to further your business in 2011.    


B:  Be consistent in your marketing approach and save yourself time and money.


C:  Choose your marketing expenditures carefully and evaluate the sales response to each proposal you consider.  (print advertisments v. e-newsletters etc.)


Accepting Technology:

Accept the internet!  Many on-line marketing schemes are free and easy to use.  The internet offers you an immediate means of staying in touch with your customers.  A strong relationship with your customers helps to ensure they will buy from you over and over.  You can let customers know what you are selling at this week's farmers market, take orders on-line, provide customer testimonials and offer recipes, coupons and gift certificates.

  • If you don't have a web site get one (click here to read why you need a web site)
  • Market your web site so customers can find you
  • If you sell product on-line, accept credit cards (click here to read more about how to do this)
  • Start issuing a monthly e-newsletter (use a paid service to ensure compliance with spam laws) (click here to read more about e-newsletters)
  • Learn how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and determine which social networking websites are right for you
  • Start writing a blog  (Blogger, WordPress, etc.)
  • Seek out free on-line advertising but only utilize ad sites relevant to your business

What NOT to do: 

Don't try to do it all yourself:  enlist the help of a family member, or hire an intern.  Local college students typically know how to use current internet-based tools, usually need to work and are always building their resumes. 

Don't have someone write the content of your blog or e-newsletter.  You know your business best and your customer correspondence should be in your voice. 

Don't spend a lot of money on a web site until you know what you want and what type of site would work best for your business.  For example, selling your product on-line may not be feasible and a simple informational site might be all you need to promote your business. 

Don't sign up for unneeded maintenance contracts.

Don't let the unknown territory of technology prevent you from growing your business in new ways.


Coming soon.....more on accepting technology and steps "B" and "C". Stay tuned.

New Logo Design gives Maine Organic Potato Farm a fresh look


New logo design by Chris Witkowski

Jim and Megan Geritson own and operate Wood Prairie Farm - a certified organic family farm in Bridgewater, Maine.  This fall they were working on their new catalog and decided they needed a fresh look for their farm's logo.  There were graphical elements they wanted to retain, but they also wanted a painting that depicted their farm - showcasing their crops, the landscape and the iconic Maine moose.  Our sister Chris painted the beautiful image at the right, giving Wood Prairie Farm an updated and exclusive new look. 

The Geritson's are not only successful farmers, they are great marketers.  Their web site offers a free downloadable catalog, quick order options, gift certificates, links to their blog, customer testimonials and more.  Love potatoes?  Follow them on Facebook Find us on Facebook and get some great recipes - they have 805 followers.  Not bad for a self-described "small family farm operating on a modest scale"!

Do you need a fresh look for your food business or farm?  Contact us for a free consult and quote.

Save 11%

Eat Local Food wants to help you jumpstart your marketing in 2011.  Receive 11% off when you place an on-line order at www.eatlocalfoodstore.com.  Just enter the code HAPNY11 in the coupon box during checkout!  Any questions?  Please contact us at info@eatlocalfood.com or 734.341.7028.  Happy New Year! 

Offer Expires:  March 31, 2011.  Only one coupon offer can be applied per order.

Michigan Farmers Market Association Members: 

Save 10%

Join a great organization and receive 10% off when you place an on-line order at www.eatlocalfoodstore.com.  Just enter the code MIFMA in the coupon box during checkout!  Any questions?  Please contact us at info@eatlocalfood.com or 734.341.7028.  

Interested in becoming a MIFMA member?  Visit www.mifma.org for more information! 

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